Other interests

I'm a very keen downhill skier and I still do a bit of surfing, snorkeling, windsurfing or fishing - living near the beach has its advantages! I play average social tennis and occasionally get out bicycle riding. I've broken my neck and had my face planted into coral in the last few years while surfing, but it's hard to stop!

I enjoy all kinds of music, but not a heavy duty opera goer by any means. Having paid my way through University playing bass guitar in a rock band, I still play elecric guitar and have an ongoing interest in recording and producing music. My son is starting on a career in the music industry and I'm sure he'll enjoy it! Hope he takes more care with his hearing than I did!

I've been on the internet since it started almost 20 years ago, and am a longtime Mac user. Ease of use and low virus hazard has its advantages! I really enjoy finding solutions to interesting problems. I've programmed Omnis 7, Filemaker, Applescript, cgi and html in a range of applications, and I am very familiar with desktop audio, video editing and compression and now DVD creation. I hope to develop multimedia anaesthetic training resources with these tools - if only I had more time!

While at home I enjoy gardening. I'm an amateur electronics hobbyist, having built hi-fi amplifiers, FM radio transmitters, peripheral nerve stimulators, radio control cars and planes and even a high frequency neonatal ventilator! I'm also a bit of a motoring fanatic and keen photographer - I did some semi-professional stuff while at Uni and still have the darkroom gear (gathering dust in the shed!).

The 50's are approaching.... The tendency to take it easy is perhaps best resisted! Jogging on sand and cycling seems easier on the knees, and low-fat low-glycaemic-index foods make a lot of sense.