Professional Interests


I'm a full-time Senior Staff Specialist Anaesthetist at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney Australia, specialising in neurosurgical anaesthesia and cerebral monitoring. My research interest in cerebral protection and my clinical focus is anaesthesia for cerebello-pontine angle tumors (acoustic neuroma) and other prolonged neurosurgery. This has resulted in a web version of a paper on Context Sensitive Decrement Times I have put quite a few basic lecture notes on the web as well. Like any person who has done something for a while I have developed definite opinions about how to do a good neuro-anaesthetic!

The Internet

I have been deeply involved in the Internet for some time. I encourage everyone to get on the net and take a global look on our specialty. The Virtual Anaesthesia Textbook and the Australasian Anaesthesia site have been major projects. The preface to the VAT explains how you can get involved. If you are as fascinated by venomous creatures as I am, check out my VAT chapter on poisonings and envenomations.


I have a long-term interest in the design of anaesthesia equipment, paricularly human interface issues for new anaesthetic machines. My interest in information systems and interdevice communication has resulted in pages on Monitor and connecting medical devices to computers. I'm on several Standards Australia committees on medical electrical equipment. Since 1997 I have been a member of the ISO/IEC Joint Working group on medical alarms, and this work has just been published. I currently lecture on some of these topics to our trainees.

I have an interest in almost everything to do with anaesthesia, from philosophy and terminology through to research and teaching. There's never enough time to do it all!

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